Name: Satya Ravikanth Vemula

Education: B.Sc in Agriculture (Acharya N. G. Ranga Agricultural University, ANGARU, India).

MSc(Ag) in Entomology (ANGRAU, India).

MSc(Ag) in Plant Soil and Environmental Science (West Texas A&M Univ, Texas).

PhD (Entomology), started from 12th of Jan 2004

Home country: India

Project: Landscape Ecology of Helicoverpa zea and its Impact on Pest Management and the Evolution of Resistance to Bt-endotoxins in the Mid-South Agroecosystem

Area of research: Population dynamics

Major professor: Dr. Michael Caprio

Telephone: 662-617-1500, 325-2085 wk

Email: or