Mississippi State University

Entomology and Plant Pathology Club


Article I: Name

Mississippi State University Entomology and Plant Pathology Club (EPP Club)


Article II: Purpose

Section 1. It shall be the purpose of this club to promote and stimulate interest in the science of entomology and plant pathology in all its branches and to facilitate personal interaction among those interested in entomology and plant pathology by providing the opportunity for academic and social exchange.


Article III: Membership and Dues

Section 1. Membership:

Students and the faculty advisors (one entomology and one plant pathology) of MSU shall be eligible for voting membership.

Alumni, faculty and staff of MSU shall be eligible for active, non-voting memberships.


Section 2. Dues:

To become an active member of this club each student, faculty, staff or alumni must pay the prescribed dues set forth in the first meeting of the academic year by a favorable majority vote of the members present. A student is any individual enrolled in 1 credit hour or more at the University.


Article IV: Officers and their Duties

Section 1. Officers: The officers of the Entomology and Plant Pathology Club shall consist of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and outreach coordinator

Section 2. Faculty Advisors: The faculty advisor shall be a member of the Entomology and Plant Pathology Department faculty who will be elected by the active members of the club.

Section 3. Qualifications: All active students who will be present for the entire year following the election will be eligible for holding office.

Section 4. Duties of Officers:



Act as presiding officer in all meetings of the club.

Preside over and appoint committees.

Perform or delegate all duties not specifically designated by the constitution.

Shall be present in faculty meetings.


Vice President

Act as presiding officer in the absence of the president.

Act as Parliamentarian.


Record permanent minutes of meetings.

Send out proper notices for all activities sponsored by this organization.



Take care of all correspondence of the organization.

Collect all dues and keep a written record of the finances of the club.

Make a report of the financial transactions of the club at the last meeting of the year and at other times as directed by the President.

Keep a list of all members.


Outreach Coordinator

Communicates with the community to find opportunities for EPP Club outreach

Organizes outreach activities (4H, community, school groups, farmerís market, extension, bug camp, etc.)

Organizes activities and EPP Club members/volunteers for help with school groups and others that visit Clay Lyle

Article V: Transactions


Section 1. Elections: Nominations of officers shall be open to the floor during the first meeting of the spring semester. Favorable majority vote by the members present shall constitute the election.

Section 2. Impeachment: An officer can be removed from office by 4/5th majority ballot vote of all voting members.

Section 3. Quorum: A quorum shall represent 2/3rdís of active members and must be present for all business transactions or stated vote by email or voice confirmation within the specified time period.


Article VI: Meetings

Section 1. There shall be a minimum of one meeting per month with the exception of the summer session. Program scheduling and topics for the meetings of the academic year will be determined by the acting officers.

Section 2. Robertís rules of order will be applied.


Article VII: By-Laws

Section 1. By-Laws which do not conflict with the provisions of this constitution may be moved at any meeting. The proposed by-law shall immediately be tabled until the following meeting. At that time, discussion and voting shall proceed by majority vote of the quorum and shall serve to adopt the by-laws.

Article VIII: Ratification

Section 1. Before this constitution can be ratified, a majority vote of the (voting) membership must cast votes in favor of its provisions.


Article IX: Amendments

Section 1. Amendments to this constitution shall be submitted at each meeting and can be voted upon. An amendment shall require the approval of a majority (2/3rdís) vote of a quorum.


Article X: Awards

Section 1. Special awards (outstanding undergraduate or graduate students, researchers, faculty or staff personnel) will depend upon existing funds of the club. Outstanding graduate students (one Masterís and one PhD) will be recognized each year.


Ratified May 5, 1982

Amended November 21, 2013


By Laws

Section 1. Club activities include, but are not limited to the following: a) 4-H Entomology Camp Insect Olympic Games & Prizes; b) Hosting the Mississippi Entomological Associationís annual dinner; c) participating in other dinners, such as departmental and Insect Rearing, d) Participating in MSUís School Days on the Farm and Discovery Day; e) Visiting schools or giving tours of the department; f) selling of club fundraiser items (minimum of 5 items) at meetings; g) Starkville Community Market (every Saturday during the summer)

Section 2. Fundraisers include, but are not limited to, t-shirts (designed by Joe MacGown), embroidered shirts, jackets and caps.

Section 3. Outgoing club officers should try to finish up all money transactions by November to ensure and maintain an adequate balance for upcoming officers and club fundraisers for the new club year.